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Principal's Welcome

The King Faisal School is a school with outstanding facilities.  We are a school, however, that recognizes the real test of quality for a school comes not at the material level, instead, it resides in the quality of instruction in its classrooms, the level of engagement of its students, and the sense of pride it can sustain in members of its community.  We are proud of our facilities, but we are more proud of our community.

The Secondary School encompasses both the Middle Years Program (MYP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programs.  We have every confidence that the two programs, closely integrated, provide the very best foundation for students as they approach tertiary studies and the world beyond.

These international programs and the King Faisal School’s educational philosophy closely align.  Fundamental to this alignment is a growth mindset, founded in the process of enquiry.  Students, guided and sustained within a supportive environment, have the opportunity to explore the world of knowledge and are introduced to the traditions of academic disciplines.  At the King Faisal School we plan to immerse students in learning and awaken them to the magic of their own growth and development, the student’s agency in this process, and their capacity to contribute to their community and the world beyond.

Fundamental to this process is an injunction, always, do your best, and the strong conviction that your best effort, earnestly delivered, will always be enough. 

Our curriculum does not merely subsist in our classrooms.  Whilst we demand of ourselves compliance with the highest standards of classroom instruction, and inform our practice with the latest research, our curriculum extends to the hallways, the gymnasium and playgrounds, and the community beyond.  Our curriculum addresses the whole child.  At the King Faisal School we can, and must, insist upon the highest standards of behaviour.  We have a gentle, but insistent, disciplinary culture.  Good discipline, good habits, good conduct – these are the time-honoured foundations for a good and productive life.  Excellence of effort, excellence of conduct and excellence in attainment, they flow one from the other, but the first two are primary.  Ultimately, our curriculum, and any curriculum of the twenty-first century, does not lie in teaching empty facts.   Our curriculum lies in enquiry, in discovery of each student’s own unique potential for growth and the management and mastery of self which brings this potential to fruition.

The King Faisal School is proudly a school for boys.  This brings a special challenge.  Our single-sex classrooms provide unique opportunities to tailor our instruction to the learning styles of boys. An enormous body of research has documented both the strengths enjoyed, and challenges faced, by boys within the classroom.  At the King Faisal School we draw upon this research in constructing our classroom culture to ensure an optimal learning environment, for boys.

The King Faisal School is proud of its national heritage and culture and equally proud of its international mindedness. It may be said, there are none more appreciative of their home than those who have left it.  Our international perspective connects us to the world but also deepens our appreciation of our national tradition.   The King Faisal School is a school of faith, the Islamic faith.  We are a spiritual community, tolerant of other faiths, but founded in Islam.

Welcome to the King Faisal School, a special place in Riyadh and a special place in our hearts.

Mr. Alan Morley

Secondary School Principal


Phone: 4820802 ext. 1606

Latest News

Fall House Cross Country

The annual Fall House Cross Country was held in two stages: Grades 6 and 7 ran of the 5th December, 2016 and Grades 8-12 ran on the 12th December,

AlShaqra Grade 9 Camp

The AlShaqra dunes provided the venue for the recent 9th Grade camp.